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Pet Chance

Unexpected veterinary care has caused many pet owners, faced with financial difficulties, to make the painful decisions to euthanize or relinquish their beloved pet. Pets-life has teamed-up with to help these pet's get the medical attention they need, before it's too late.

Pet Chance provides pets, in desperate need of medical attention, with financial assistance. While pet owners can turn to us for financial medical assistance, we rely on the generosity and support of our donors.

View 'Charlie's' profile below (log-in is required to view comments), to see for yourself, how Pet Chance can save the lives of these innocent pets. Charlie was found on the side of the road, this 7 month old Pit-Mix was close to starving to death. At that time, nobody knew that he had been shot in the head, several times, with .22 caliber bullets. He would need extensive surgery to remove two of his molers and the bullet fragments that were embedded in his muzzle and jaw. In desperate need of funding, to cover his medical expenses, we contacted our connections, and within two days, we found the funding needed to provide Charlie with medical treatment. It is because of these kind-hearted individuals, that Charlie is able to be the playful puppy he is today.

Help these pets in desperate need of medical attention by becoming a donor today.
1. View the '' link below to select the pet you would like your donation to go to.
2. Create a Pets-life Profile for yourself, your pets or your pet-related business and send a pet's owner a connection request to keep track of a pet's progress.
3. Receive a $10 annual featured membership discount when you donate to

Add your pet to the list.
1. Create a Pets-life Pet Profile for your pet to allow donor's to track your pet's progress.
2. Send us the estimate for medical treatment and your veterinarian's contact information.
3. We will add your pet to the list; after successful verification of your pet's medical needs.

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