Looking For The Best Brush For Long-Haired Dogs?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs.


Grooming your dog regularly does much more than just keeping their fur clean—it can increase their blood circulation for a healthier coat, spread natural oils, remove mats and tangles that cause discomfort, remove dead skin cells that attract ticks and fleas, and, best of all, it’s a wonderful bonding process.

Of course, it also helps to reduce the amount of dog hair you have floating around the house, and everyone likes hair-free furniture. Make a commitment to groom your dog often, and you’ll be surprised with the benefits.


What to Look For In a Dog Brush

Getting a good dog brush is a pretty simple task, but it helps to know what to look for—especially if you have a long-haired dog breed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you’re considering your options:

  • Pin brush – these types of brushes are ideal for dogs with long hair, thick coats, and double coats. The pins are spread apart and are intended to get deep into your dog’s fur for a fuller grooming process. Pin brushes are ideal for removing loose fur, tangled hair, matted hair, and debris. The ends of the pins are also good at removing dead skin cells and promoting good circulation.
  • Bristle brush – this brush is best suited for dogs with short hair and single coats. The bristles are much softer than pins and they’re packed closely together, kind of like a broom. If you have a long-haired dog, bristle brushes are useful for lightly dusting off their coat in-between deeper grooming sessions with a pin brush.
  • Comfort – you’ll want a brush that’s comfortable for both you and your dog. If the bristles are too rough, your dog will always fight grooming. If you try to do a deep grooming on a long-haired dog with a bristle brush, you’re definitely in for a fight. On your side, you’ll want to have a comfortable handle.
  • Anti-slip handles – these aren’t necessary, but they can be nice to have. No-slip handles will usually incorporate gel, soft plastic, and grooves to improve your grip.
  • Durability – because brushes are fairly inexpensive it’s not the worst thing in the world if your brush doesn’t last for the next 10 years, but it’s nice to have something that will last long enough to provide value. Beware of cheap brushes where the head easily pops off, or wood brushes where the wood is brittle enough to snap if it catches on your dog’s hair.


Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats – Easy to Clean

best Pro Quality brush for long haired dogs

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The Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is a fast and easy way to give your dog a smooth, untangled coat. It’s proven to effectively get rid of loose fur, dirt, tangles, mats, and debris with very little effort, and the stainless-steel bristles are designed to be durable and comfortable (a very difficult combination to master). Based on the rave reviews, it works great with long-haired dogs, thick coats, double coats, and sensitive skin.

It’s also ridiculously easy to clean thanks to the self-cleaning feature. All you have to do is push a button to depress the bristles, then you wipe away the fur. That’s it! No more digging and pulling at the matted hair on the brush. Once you’re done grooming, you can clean off the brush and be done in just a few seconds.

As a bonus, this brush comes with a dog grooming eBook that you can reference for plenty of grooming tips and tricks. The brush also has a five-year manufacturer guarantee, so you can trust that this product is built to last.


Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs & Cats by GoPets

best GoPets brush for long haired dogs

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This Professional Double-Sided Comb is the perfect solution for people that want the benefits of both a pin brush and a bristle brush. The pin brush side is ideal for long hair and double coats, offering a professionally groomed look with just a few minutes of brushing. It helps with finishing, combing, and removing debris from the dog’s coat.

While this side is intended to get deep into their fur, the bristles are surprisingly comfortable and gentle, so you don’t need to worry about pets with sensitive skin. The bristle side has bristles that are soft and densely packed, so they’re ideal for picking up loose hair and dusting off dirt. The bristles are also good for short-haired dogs.

This brush is also designed to be comfortable for you, too. The handle includes a non-slip silicone gel surface that conforms to your hand and ensures a tight grip.


Natural Bamboo Eco Friendly Pet Grooming Dog Hair Brush by AtEase Accents

best Natural Bamboo brush for long haired dogs


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This Natural Bamboo Brush by AtEase is another great double-sided brush with a pin brush for deep-grooming long-haired dogs and a bristle brush for dusting off dirty coats. Unlike the other plastic options, this brush has a nice two-toned bamboo wood handle that looks great and is ultra-durable.


Bristle Brush by Hertzko – For Dogs and Cats with Long or Short Hair

best Hertzko brush for dogs


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The Bristle Brush by Hertzko is a good brush for everyday brushing and fur fluffing. With soft and tightly-packed bristles, it’s easy to brush off loose hair, dust, dander, and dirt from your dog’s top coat, leaving your furry friend with healthy skin and a shiny coat. It’s gentle enough to use on dogs with sensitive skin, and it helps with increasing their blood circulation. The ergonomic handle has a comfort grip and anti-slip soft grooves, so the brush is comfortable and easy to handle.


Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush Comb for Long Haired Dogs & Cats

best Tailmate brush for long haired dogs


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If you’re looking for the best value, this Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush is the one for you. It’s double-sided, so you won’t need to purchase separate brushes for grooming and brushing. The bristles are made of a soft but firm nylon with rounded pins that were engineered to reach deep into a long-haired dog’s thick coat.  It has an anti-slip handle for easy operation, and it’s made of eco-friendly materials.



The Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a fantastic choice for people with long-haired dogs who want a quick and easy cleanup. If you feel like you need a pin brush and a bristle brush, I’d highly recommend going with one of the double-sided brushes that deliver both in a single product.