Looking For The Best Cat Tree For Multiple Cats?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – Ollieroo Cat Tree Furniture Tower.

#1 Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats


Cat trees are a great investment when you have multiple cats. A good cat tree will give your cats scratching posts to keep their claws off of your furniture, a lofty perch to keep an eye on the room, a covered hut for comfortable cat-naps, and some much-needed exercise and play.


What to look for in cat trees for multiple cats

As you’re looking at cat trees for multiple cats, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Scratching posts – any good cat tree should have a few scratching posts. These posts are ideal for cleaning and sharpening your cats’ claws, providing a good stretch and light exercise every time they use it. Scratching surfaces made with natural sisal are best.
  • Platforms – the more cats you have, the more platforms you’ll need to keep them all happy. They don’t all need to offer a cozy cube or bed, but it’s good to have a few comfortable options to choose from (most of the ones we’ll talk about today have a cozy cube and an open bed/hammock, so there are at least two resting platforms).
  • Height – take your cat’s propensity for heights into account. If your cats are afraid of heights, you won’t want a tall tree. If one or more of them are the kind of cats that like to perch on the highest spot in the room, then you’ll definitely want to get one that has a tree-top perch.
  • Cozy cubes – a good cat tree should have at least one covered cozy cube or hut.
  • Hammocks – in my experience, cats can be pretty finicky when it comes to hammocks. They’re a fun add-on but given the choice I’d always opt for a covered hut over a hammock.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction – taller isn’t always better. If your cat tree is too light or is improperly balanced, it’ll topple over and permanently ruin the tree for your cats. Once a cat views something in the house as dangerous, they’ll usually avoid it like the plague. Plus, you don’t want to injure any of your cats if it falls over while they’re playing on it. Look for cat trees with a wide base, heavy duty materials, and sturdy connections.
  • Toys – toys aren’t entirely necessary, but they’re a fun bonus for your cat that adds some mental stimulation to their play time.


Ollieroo Cat Tree Furniture Tower Climbing Activity Tree Scratcher Play House Condo Hammock with Scratching Post and Toys

best Ollieroo Cat Tree for multiple cats

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If you’re looking for the best value on the list, this is it. The Ollieroo Cat Tree Tower offers a whopping six platforms, so it’s ideal for households with multiple cats. It includes a hammock for open-air lounging, an enclosed kitty-house for nap time, and a plush bed on the top platform for cats who like to perch high above the room.

Cats that love to play will enjoy the dangling rope and ball-batting toy, too. All of the fabric is soft and comfortable, and the three legs include scratching posts that are good for scratching, stretching, exercise, and marking.

  • Base: 20” x 25”
  • Height: 60”


Vesper Cat Furniture

best Vesper cat trees for multiple cats

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If you’re looking for a cat tree that satisfies your cats’ needs without being an eyesore, this one’s for you. All of the Vesper V-Line cat trees are meticulously designed to be aesthetically pleasing and satisfy your cats’ daily activity needs—a combination that any cat owner knows is extremely difficult to pull off. Vesper V-Line cat trees come in a variety of styles, and the V-High Base, V-Double, and V-Tower are ideally suited for multiple cats. All of their cat trees have strategically-placed scratching areas, platforms, cozy cubes, and play toys for mental stimulation.

This particular model (the walnut V-High Base) is made with high-quality MDF from New Zealand Pine. It’s sturdy and durable enough for long-term use, and it’s super easy to put together. It has a removable cushion and scratching surfaces, along with rounded corners and edges for a softer feel. The observation deck on top is great for cats that love to perch on the highest point in the room, and the cozy cube with rear-exit is provides a nice, comfortable place to nap. The tall legs on the tree are also good for extensive scratching.

  • Base: 22.1” x 22.1”
  • Height: 47.9”


SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo Multi-Level Kitty Play House Sisal Scratching Posts Tower

best SONGMICS Cat Tree for multiple cats

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The Cat Tree Condo by SONGMICS is another great option for multiple cats, as it has three perches, a cozy cube, a hammock, and plenty of scratching space (if that’s not enough for your kitties to share, I’m not sure what will be).

The perches, cozy cube, and hammock are all lined with plush padding to create a comfortable, relaxing, and calming atmosphere. All of the posts are covered with natural sisal, which is the best material for scratching posts (your couches and drapes will thank you for the reprieve). It’s safe and sturdy with a heavy-duty CARB-certified base and a safety strap that helps to prevent the cat tree from toppling over.

  • Base: 25” x 28”
  • Height: 55”


Tiger Tough Cat Tree House Furniture for Kittens and Cats – Multiple Color/Style Cat Condos 45″ to 60″ Tall

best Tiger Tough Cat Tree for multiple cats

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With five entertaining platforms and a comfortable exterior, I don’t think any cat could resist this Tiger Tough Cat Tree House. It’s tall enough to satisfy cats with lofty expectations, with an open bed on the top platform for cats that love to prefer to perch up high.

The oversized kitty cave is a perfect place for afternoon naps, and the springy ball-wand is an entertaining toy that provides good mental stimulation. The scratching posts are made with natural sisal that’s ideal for maintaining your cat’s claws. It’s also incredibly sturdy, so it can easily withstand the abuse of multiple cats climbing and playing at the same time.

  • Base: 24” x 19”
  • Height: 60”


Finether Cat Tree Tower Furniture Kitten Playhouse with Sisal Covered Scratching Posts, Perches, Platform and Dangling Balls, Brown and Beige

best Finether Cat Tree for multiple cats

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The Finether Cat Tree Tower Playhouse is packed with features your playful kitties will love. There are four natural-sisal scratching posts, a dangling ball toy, a hammock, a clubhouse, five platforms, a curved perch for cradling, and a softened perch at the very top for a birds-eye view.

Everything except the scratching posts is covered in faux fur, so it’s a soft and comfortable experience for your cats. With its heavy-duty construction and materials, it can easily handle up to three cats at a time.

  • Base: 18” x 22”
  • Height: 61”



If you’re looking for a cat tree that’s aesthetically pleasing, I’d definitely recommend going with the Vesper V-Line cat tree. They have several different styles and colors to choose from, and every one of them will satisfy your eye for style and your cats’ need for play.

If blending in isn’t your biggest concern, the SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo is sure to keep all of your cats comfortable and entertained. I like how it has two bedded-platforms, a hut, and a hammock, so it could accommodate up to four cat naps at a time.