Looking For The Best Chews for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – Active Chews Premium Probiotics.

#1 Best Chew for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs


Dogs are an integral part of the family and that is why you care about their health and well being. From buying them high quality foods, giving them plenty of exercise and taking them in for routine veterinary visits, you do a lot for them. But, one aspect of their wellness is often overlooked and it is an integral part of a healthy life; dogs need to have good gut bacteria to ensure healthy and consistent bowel movements.

We have all been taught that bacteria is bad for us and that we need to wash our hands often to ensure we are not tracking bacteria around with us or even consuming it as it will make us sick. This is all true, however there is such a thing as good bacteria and it is essential for healthy living in humans and animals. In fact, a healthy gut contains billions and billions of microbes(bacteria) which aid in the breakdown of food and the absorption of nutrients. If your dog has an upset stomach or even diarrhea, I recommend that you look into purchasing dog chews that contain probiotics and essential vitamins that have been proven to help them.


When buying chews for dogs with sensitive stomachs, here are a few things to look for:

• Probiotics. When dogs are consistently having diarrhea or stomach distress, it is often a sign that their gut bacteria levels are low and they need to be increased. Probiotics are one the easiest and healthiest ways to increase gut health in both humans and animals.
• Taste. Having purchased my fair share of treats for my spoiled dogs, I have wasted more money than I care to think about on chews and treats that my dogs took one sniff of and refused to eat. Before purchasing any chews, check to see what their flavors are and whether they are natural or artificial as picky dogs prefer natural flavors.
• Nutrients. Sometimes dogs can be as picky as toddlers are when it comes to feeding time, and nutritional sacrifices may be made to ensure your dog is eating enough. Whether that’s the case or simply your dog’s food isn’t high in essential nutrients, it’s important to supplement their diet with nutrients and chews are an easy way to do this.


Active Chews Premium Probiotics

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Digestive health issues are the underlying cause of health problems such as diarrhea, upset stomach and bad breath in dogs, and one of the best treatments for these health problems is natural digestive enzymes and probiotics. Active Chews contain 2 billion colony-forming-units of good bacteria per chew, which means your dog will be consuming more than enough good bacteria to treat their health issues.

Active chews are veterinary formulated dog chews with vitamins and supplements which are made from natural ingredients that are meant to provide digestive relief and support a dog’s immune system. Active chews are also infused with natural duck flavors, not artificial flavors, so even the pickiest of dogs will recognize and love these snacks. I highly recommend this chew for any dog with a sensitive stomach.


Probiotic Tummy Treats – Ready Pet Go!

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When it comes to getting my dogs to try new foods or treats, they are often very skeptical. This is especially true when the food is made of carbs or plants that emit a foul smell. Luckily, these probiotic tummy treats smell and taste like cheese which means even the most picky of dogs will love this flavor all while obtaining the stomach relief that they require.


Chew + Heal All in 1 Dog Vitamin

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Even if your dog is eating high quality foods, they are most likely under consuming necessary vitamins and minerals needed for healthy living. Chew + Heal was created by a loving dog owner who was looking to provide his beloved golden retriever with a multivitamin that was created specifically to supplement a dog’s needs.

Chew + Heal’s all in 1 daily multivitamin provides the following support:
• Hip and Joint. The multivitamin contains glucosamine, chondroitin and omega fatty acids which support bone, joint muscle and cartilage health.
• Digestive Enzymes. The multivitamin includes 5 millions CFU probiotics and digestive enzymes to help break down food and nutrients.
• Healthier Skin and Coat. This multivitamin contains omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids which help to improve your dog’s skin and coat, which gives it a fuller, healthier, softer and shinier look.


Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites

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Zesty Paws Probiotic chews contain 3 billion CFUs of probiotics and which is more than any of the other brands listed here. By having 3 billion CFUs, Zesty’s chews properly provide probiotic relief to dogs who are suffering from a sensitive stomach. In addition to the probiotics, this chew also contains all natural papaya and pumpkin which provide necessary fiber for regular and solid bowel movements.


Cloud Star Dynamo

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When your dog is not feeling well, getting them to eat food, especially hard food can be a struggle as it requires more energy and effort to be eaten and broken down. Dogs with sensitive stomachs prefer foods that are soft and gentle on their stomachs and Cloud Star Dynamo’s dog treats were created this way. Their soft dog treats are full of vitamins and probiotics and they never include fillers like corn, soy or artificial flavorings which only increase stomach distress.



Not every sensitive stomach can be resolved directly by diet and food changes alone, often pet-owners will need to add a probiotic and nutrient chew into a dog’s daily feeding to help them feel better. Probiotic/nutrient chews provide necessary bacteria and helpful vitamins which help alleviate stomach sensitivity and distress.

I believe the Active Chews Premium probiotic chew is the best on the market. It’s natural ingredients and high level of good bacteria provide the necessary supplements to cure dog’s of stomach sensitivity and discomfort. My second choice would be the Probiotics for Dogs chew due to the cheese flavoring and nutritional benefits it offers. The flavor is enticing for most dogs and the health benefits are awesome.