Looking For The Best Dog Beds For Cocker Spaniels?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed.


For mostly indoor dogs, it’s highly important to have a comfortable dog bed. Our senior indoor dog in particular can’t sleep enough. We gave him a brand new dog bed a few months ago, and it changed our lives and his. Now he sleeps much better and more consistently, and honestly I wish we would have bought a dog bed sooner.

Cocker spaniels in particular seem to gravitate towards dog beds, they just complement each other nicely. If you’re looking to get a goods night sleep because your pups been waking you up since he can’t sleep. Or if you’re looking to make your little buddies nap time a little more comfortable then we’ve got the most comprehensive list on the web for you. So, without further ado let’s check out the five best dog beds for cocker spaniels.

What to Look For In a Dog Bed for Cocker Spaniels:

  • Mainly comfort, dogs bed are made out of a variety of different. Comfortable materials so you’ll want to decide which will work best for your dog based on their weight and preference.
  • Size is important, a good rule of thumb here is that you can’t really buy too big of a dog bed, though too small could become an inconvenience for your cocker spaniel
  • Design, since this dog bed is likely to become a staple of your living room or bedroom, you’ll want to make sure it matches the look and feel of your room.


Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover

brindle soft memory best dog beds for cocker spaniels

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For $50 the brindle soft memory foam bed offers the best of both worlds, affordability and comfort. With over 1600 positive reviews it’s obvious that this bed has created a lot of happy doggies, cocker spaniels included. Additionally, it comes in a variety of sizes all with a 3-inch layer of orthopedic memory foam to eliminate any pressure points ensuring that your dog falls asleep quickly and remains asleep.

Additionally the brindle soft memory foam dog bed is equipped with a soft microsuede removable cover which can be easily cleaned in your washer/dryer.


Sofantex Pet Bed – Fits Medium Sized Dog


sofantex best pet bed for cocker spaniel

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The sofantex pet bed was designed for medium sized dogs,  up can also work great for cats or other pets. It is completely machine washable, affordably priced at $20, and easy to care for. Additionally, each sofantex pet bed for medium sized dogs comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

With over 400 positive customer reviews, it’s a clear choice why so many cocker spaniel owners went with the sofantex pet bed.


BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed – Snuggly Sleeper

 barksbar gray orthopedic dog bed best for cocker spaniels

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The barksbar gray orthopedic dog bed is usually on sale for $50 but is regularly priced at $90. The barksbar gray orthopedic dog bed is made of premium materials including ultra soft polyester for a luxurious quality. The quilted design improves the style of this dog bed, allowing it to fit into any room it’s placed.

The barksbar gray orthopedic dog bed is also easy to clean and care for because of the removable cover that can be tossed in your washer.

With over 1000 positive reviews on amazon alone, it’s clear that this dog bed doesn’t let down any customer.


The Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Sofa Bed Pet Bed

fur haven orthopedic best dog beds for cocker spaniels

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The reasonably priced Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Sofa is a stylish option for those with a fashionably designed house. The Dog Sofa comes in many different colors, all with a water resistant poly canvas base. This dog Sofa features blistered edges to act as a head and neck support for your tired cocker spaniel.

The Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Sofa uses an egg crate orthopedic foam base to achieve a higher level quality of comfort. This design soothes pressure points, allowing your dog to have a deeper, more restful rest.


Orthopedic Dog Bed 5″ Thick Supportive Gel Enhanced Memory Foam – Made In The USA

best orthopedic dog bed for spaniels

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The orthopedic dog bed 5″ thick is available in 3 different sizes, so no matter the size of your cocker spaniel you can rest assured they’ll sleep soundly. This dog bed sells for $76 because of it’s premium gel enhanced memory foam which you really have to feel to believe.

The orthopedic dog bed 5″ thick with gel infused memory foam comes in a variety of different patterns and colors. With almost 300 positive customer reviews, aggregated  on amazon alone, it’s easy to see why gel infused memory foam has become such a trend in luxury dog beds. Additionally the bed is machine washable because of its removable cover, and even comes with a 90 night risk free money guarantee if your dog doesn’t absolutely love it, but lets face it we know they will.



Having owned a cocker spaniel previously, we know how important it is to provide them with a dog bed they can rely on. Also, that bed has to be easy to clean, durable, and comfortable. We hope you found the dog bed that will work best for your cocker spaniel, and if you didn’t let us know so that we can improve our list!