Looking For The Best Dog Bones for Heavy Chewers?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – Devil Dog Elk Antler Chew.

#1 Best Dog Bones for Heavy Chewers


If your dog is a heavy chewer you’ve probably witnessed their ability to shred new toys in a matter of seconds. Personally, I can’t count the amount of times I have purchased a toy that is advertised as “indestructible” and within a day or two found it in pieces and my pitbull smiling over it like it was proud of what she did. Seeing as you don’t want your pet to too eat through everything you buy them, it may be a good idea to look into buying them a bone to chew on.

Unlike many toys which are easily shredded and stuffed with fuzz that seems to end up under every item of furniture, bones and bone like toys provide your dog with a healthy and nourishing treat that can keep them occupied. Each dog has a varying flavor and texture preference, so the best bone for your dog will likely depend on their size and taste preferences.


What to Look for in the Best Dog Bones for Heavy Chewers

When it comes to purchasing a dog bone for a heavy chewing dog, it is important that you look into the differing types of bones and ensure that they are durable and safe for your dog to eat. For instance, rawhide bones for a while were the most common bone sold due to their high availability and price, but over time veterinarians and scientists uncovered the unhealthy and serious side effects they have on dogs. Even though there are red flags for rawhide bones, it is still for sale and unsuspecting pet owners are putting their pet’s health at risk by purchasing them

If you are purchasing a bone for your heavy chewer, keep the following questions in mind:
• What animal did the bone come from?
• What part of the animal did the bone come from?
• Were there any flavors added to the bone?
• Is the bone durable?
• Is it safe?


Devil Dog Elk Antler Chew

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Devil Dog’s Elk antler chew is the top ranked durable bone for dogs with a heavy chew. Unlike other bones which often splinter when eaten or are highly likely to splinter, elk antlers are extremely durable and can endure extensive chewing over a long period of time before they are broken down and this is what makes them perfect for heavy chewers.

Unlike rawhide or bully sticks which may not be safe and have a distinct odor, elk antler chew is all-natural, extremely durable, clean and odorless. All of Devil Dog’s antler chews are wildly sourced from the rocky mountains and with that they are an amazing source of essential nutrients.


Pet Qwerks Dinosaur Bone

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Pet Qwerks dinosaur bone is made of nylon, meaning it isn’t a real animal bone and this is why it is so highly rated. The nylon material is soft enough that it can be continuously chewed on without the risk of it being too hard and breaking a tooth. In addition to that, the soft nylon is beneficial for cleaning teeth which are often covered in plaque and it massages the gums.

Some bones are flavorless and because of that dogs get bored with them, luckily this isn’t the case with this bone. The Pet Qwerks bone is flavored and comes in two irresistible flavors for your dog, bacon flavor and steak flavor. Dogs love the bacon and steak flavors and this keeps them entertained and ensures a long-lasting chew time.


Petstages Long Lasting Chewable Sticks

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Dog’s naturally have a desire to chew, and far too often the toys they have are easy to break down and are not meant to last. If your dog is constantly chewing through every toy or item they can get their teeth on, the Petstages long lasting chewable sticks is a durable and safe alternative to hard bones and it encourages positive chew behavior.

These chewable sticks have been engineered from natural wood fibers that are durable, and mimic the texture and taste of real wood. Unlike real wood which can be sharp or splinter when chewed on and can break teeth, cause bleeding and intestinal distress, these chewable sticks are safe for your dog.


EEToys Nearly Indestructible Dog Chew Toy

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As much as we love getting a lick from our dogs as well as having them cuddled up next to us, those loving moments can easily be ruined by pungent dog breath. Far too often, the foods dogs eat end up stuck on their teeth and it eventually turns into calculus which causes the foul smell to come out of their mouth.

The EEToys aggressive chewer toy is made of a hardened nylon material which helps improve your dogs oral hygiene. Chewing on the hardened nylon helps clean your dog’s teeth, by removing foods that are stuck in between teeth, it controls plaque and breaks down the calculus that has built up and all of this helps your dog to have nice, fresh breath.


Tikaton Indestructible Dog Chew Real Beef Flavor

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Most “indestructible” toys are made of a nylon material that is meant to withstand the power of heavy chewers. Even though the toy in all likelihood will eventually break down, it’s important to know that when it is broken down that any materials on the inside of the toy are safe for your dog to chew on.

Tikatons indestructible dog toy is built to withstands hours of playtime and it is made from safe and non-toxic materials. This means that when your dog eventually breaks the toy, you can rest assured that all of the materials are safe.



As a hunter, I can attest to the fact that dogs love to chew on antlers. When my dog and I go looking for sheds(antlers that have fallen off), I have learned that the struggle isn’t always finding the sheds rather it is wrestling them away from my dog. This is why I highly recommend that you look into purchasing the Devil Dog deer antler.

In addition to antlers it is always nice to have a chew toy around that is not only durable, but when it eventually breaks it is good to know that the toy is made of safe, non-toxic materials and all of the options above are made this way. Whether it is a durable antler that provides a hard surface to chew on and essential nutrition, or a hardened toy that tastes like meat, there are many great options for your dog.