Looking For The Best Dog Dental Water Additive?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remover Pet Water Additive.

#1 Best Dog Dental Water Additive


I love when my dog jumps up to greet me every time I get home (I wish my kids had the same reaction), but I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of the dog breath that comes with that lively greeting. Considering that you’re reading this article, I think it’s safe to assume that you feel the same way, too.

Lucky for both of us, it’s actually pretty easy to clean your dog’s mouth with a simple dental solution that you can add to your dog’s water every day for a fresh, clean mouth. All you need to do is add a capful to the water bowl every day, and you’ll have a dog with better breath and a healthier mouth.

That said, bad breath isn’t the only sign of doggy dental issues. If your dog has any of the following symptoms, it may be a sign of poor dental hygiene:

  • Yellow or brown teeth
  • Inflamed, swollen, or puffy gums
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Poor appetite


What to look for in a dental water additive for dogs

There are a number of factors that can contribute to poor dental hygiene, so you’ll want to choose a dental water additive with antibacterial and antifungal properties that attacks dental issues on every front. A good dental water additive should address the following dental hygiene issues:

  • Plaque and tartar buildup – this is one of the few underlying dental hygiene issues that you can actually see. If you notice any buildup on your dog’s teeth or gums, it’s probably plaque or tartar.
  • Periodontal disease – when microorganisms are allowed to build up and thrive in your mouth, they can lead to periodontal disease that can seriously threaten your pet’s health. The dental water additive you choose should have antibacterial and antifungal agents to keep harmful microorganisms in check.


Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remover Pet Water Additive

Best Tropiclean dog dental water additive

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Tropiclean Fresh Breath is a great water additive for oral care that’s widely recommended and highly reviewed. It’s an all-natural additive made with green tea, and it’s proven to reduce plaque and tartar without brushing.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath also helps fight periodontal disease, and it’ll leave your pooch with fresh breath for at least 12 hours. Veterinarians recommend Tropiclean Fresh Breath for dogs and cats, so it’s a good pick if you have multiple pets in your house. Considering it comes in a 33.8 oz. bottle, it’s a purchase that will last for a long time, too.


PET KING Oratene Veterinarian Drinking Water Additive

Best Pet King dog dental water additive

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Oratene is a broad spectrum antibacterial and antifungal water additive that’s proven effective against microbes such as MRSA, staph, and pseudomonas. It also does a great job at removing plaque, biofilm, and odor-causing bacteria. Oratene doesn’t contain any alcohol, xylitol, or chlorhexidine, so it’s safe to add to your dog’s water every day.


Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution

Best Oxyfresh dog dental water additive

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Oxyfresh gets its name from a patented Oxygene formula that safely neutralizes bad breath. The company has been in business for over 30 years and has an excellent reputation of providing premium health and wellness products. All Oxyfresh products are made in the USA using the highest quality ingredients, so it’s certainly a brand that you can trust.

The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is one of Oxyfresh’s most popular products, and it does a fantastic job of cleaning your pet’s teeth, strengthening gum tissue, and fighting periodontal disease. It’s tasteless, odorless, and undetectable, so it’s easy to add to your pet’s water.

A capful of the solution in your pet’s drinking water every day is the equivalent of brushing their teeth, and it’s certainly a lot easier than trying to brush a dog’s teeth! The Pet Oral Hygiene Solution is formulated for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, birds, and horses, so it’s a great choice if you have multiple pets in the house.


SynergyLabs Dental Fresh

Best SynergyLabs dog dental water additive

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SynergyLabs markets their Dental Fresh water additive as the “world’s first and only clinically proven toothbrush in a bottle,” and the product reviews online are definitely in line with that claim. The self-regulating solution attacks bacteria in your dog’s mouth as well as in their water bowl, which eliminates the slime you’ll sometimes see in their water bowl and the buildup you may see on their teeth.

The additive doesn’t have a taste or odor, so it’s easy to add to your dog’s water bowl without disrupting their eating and drinking. The company recommends adding a teaspoon of Dental Fresh for every 8 ounces of water, and veterinarians recommend adding the solution to your dog’s water every day for optimal oral health and hygiene. Every bottle of Dental Fresh is blended and packaged in the USA, and it’s approved for use with cats, too.


Emmy’s Best Pet Water Additive

Emmy's Best dog dental water additive

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Emmy’s Best Pet Water Additive is another great dental solution for your dog. It uses an exclusive no-brush formula to reduce tartar, plaque, and buildup, and it has a dash of peppermint for extra fresh breath. It’s a premium product that’s made in the USA, so you can definitely trust the quality.



Let’s circle back a little bit—your dog’s bad breath isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom of an underlying problem. The root cause of bad breath can be as simple as a temporary buildup of bacteria, or it could be a more permanent issue due to plaque, tartar, and periodontal disease. The latter will require a trip to the veterinarian, but outside of periodontal disease it’s easy to add a dental water additive to your dog’s daily routine.

All five dental water additives that we’ve discussed today are proven effective against plaque, tartar, and periodontal disease, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you’re looking for an all-natural solution, the Tropiclean Fresh Breath is the best choice for you. If you’re not too concerned about a few synthetic ingredients (note that none of the options we’ve discussed are dangerous, toxic, or alcohol-based), I’d probably recommend going with the SynergyLabs Dental Fresh as it is highly reviewed and widely recommended.