Looking For The Best Foods For German Shepherds to Gain Weight?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – VICTOR Purpose – Nutra Pro, Dry Dog Food.

#1 Best Food For German Shepherd to Gain Weight


German Shepherds are active working dogs, if your German Shepherd is underweight it is likely that they will experience unusual fatigue. It is important to keep your German Shepherd at a healthy weight so that they can feel their best! If your German Shepherd is looking too skinny we have researched the best dog food brands formulated specifically for large active breeds! Listed below are the 5 best dog foods for German Shepherds to gain weight!


VICTOR Purpose – Nutra Pro, Dry Dog Food

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If you are looking for a great food WITH grain included, Victor’s Purpose – Nutra Pro Dry Dog Food is the for you! VICTOR Nutra Pro is a great choice for active dogs like german shepherds, australian shepherds, labs, golden retrievers, and more! This kibble is high in protein, dense with nutrients and formulated for active growing dogs, pregnant/ lactating females, and active working dogs. There are many reasons to choose a food with grain and this grain inclusive dog food has some of the best ingredients!


Fromm Adult Gold Large Breed Formula Dry Dog Food

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Fromm Adult Gold Large Breed Formula is great for all active adult dogs! This dry dog food formula is a nutritionally balanced food! Large breed dogs will benefit from the quality ingredients such as added cartilage which helps promote healthy joints! This formula also has included probiotics which help ensure that your dog has a healthy digestive system. FROMM Gold does not included any artificial flavors or colors!


Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed Dog Food, Chicken & Rice

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Wellness Complete Health Natural dry large breed dog food is specifically formulated for Large and Giant breed dogs, the proteins included in this food assist with lean muscle development! This formula is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A & C, magnesium and more! All of which help promote healthy skin, provide good energy, maintain optimal health, and support healthy digestion!


Merrick Backcountry Grain Free Dry Dog Food Recipes

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Merrick Backcountry is an all-natural, grain free formula high in protein! The raw infused kibble includes whole pieces of flavorful freeze-dried meat which is sure to please the taste buds of your pooch! Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Large Breed Receipe is perfectly balanced for your active dog, this formula includes many ingredients that your dog would find in the wild!


Blackwood Pet Food All Life Stages

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Blackwood recipes are formulated without corn, wheat, or soy! This ensures your dog is getting quality ingredients. Blackwood is a family owned USA business located in Ohio, this means they are able to put in the care required to deliver you and your pet a top notch product. Blackwood’s foods are slow cooked to increase nutrient intake which helps improve stamina, decrease fatigue, and boost immune systems! This food is formulated specifically to promote a healthy skin and coat. improve energy, stamina, and immune response. The levels of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in our dog food help promote superior skin and coat. This wholesome nutritious kibble is great for all life stages, and your dog is sure to love it!


Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

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While Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free is guaranteed to pack a few pounds on your dog I would recommend it only for a short term solution based on reviews. This food does contain quality ingredients but after reading many reviews Instinct Raw Boost doesn’t seem to contain much freeze-dried raw meat like advertised. Instinct Raw Boost is a high protein, grain free dry dog food mixed with all natural bites of freeze dried raw meat! This high protein kibble is sure to help your active dog keep weight on and build lean muscle! Instinct Raw Boost is formulated with nutritional ingredients such as probiotics for healthy digestion, omegas for skin and coat and it doesn’t include any grain, by product, or preservatives!



Here at Pets-Life we do our research so that you don’t have you! These 5 dog foods are the best dog foods for German Shepherds to gain weight. The above foods are listed in order of which food we find most favorable for your dog. As someone who owns a Large Breed dog it is very important to make sure that what your dog is consuming daily is beneficial for their health. This will save you on vet visits in the future! Also it is important to maintain a healthy weight. Active and working dogs need higher protein content, but that doesn’t mean that you just feed them any dog food that is high in calories and protein. We made sure that these 5 dog foods ONLY include quality ingredients that will promote overall health!